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Monthly Product Update: May 2024

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Improvements to Floor Builder For Booth Sales Events

Build Accurate Trade Show Floor Plans-2Map Your Show is thrilled to announce our latest improvements to Floor Builder for shows that sell by space.

Shows utilizing MYS' Booth Sales module can now take advantage of updated functionality within MYS' Builder tool to better manage space allocation and help strategically select booths for their exhibitors.


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What's New?

To simplify the booth assignment process, Map Your Show has added the following new features to the Floor Builder tool:

  • Centralized space and preference selection
  • Partner and competitor selection in space application
  • Improved floor plan viewing and filtering capabilities
  • Exhibitor sorting options and more

For a detailed explanation of each exciting new feature available, check out this article.

Contact your MYS Account Manager today to learn how you can implement these changes on your next show setup.

Map Your Show Trade Show Planning Guide for Event Floor Plans. Download the free guide.

The Trade Show Planning Guide: Event Floor Plans

Provided by Map Your Show.

Building a trade show floor plan isn't easy. It requires strategic planning and the latest technology. Check out the Trade Show Planning Guide today for key insights and tips on making your upcoming show a great success.



More Updates to Booth Sales


Sponsorship Purchases: A Direct Link for Exhibitors

Show management can now generate a direct link to the sponsorship purchase page, eliminating the need for users to log into the Exhibitor Resource Center (ERC). This Feature is particularly useful when sharing the link with individuals responsible for sponsorship purchased who don't otherwise require ERC access.


Booth Tags

Initially limited to admin access, booth tags can now be featured on booth sales applications, invoices, and exhibitor records. Booth Tags are essential for organizers, helping them navigate the space, locate specific booths or areas of interest, and understand the event's layout and logistics.