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New Floor Builder Updates in Map Your Show for Streamlined Booth Assignments

At Map Your Show (MYS), our unwavering commitment to enhancing your trade show experience has led to exciting new developments on our platform. We are excited to announce the latest improvements to our Floor Builder, introducing a suite of innovative features tailored to make booth assignments a breeze for show management teams and, in turn, elevate the overall satisfaction of your exhibitors. 

Content Written by Thembela Mavuso, Product and Channel Marketing Manager at Map Your Show.

Revolutionizing Booth Assignments 

Gone are the days of navigating the maze of endless spreadsheets, screens, and papers to manage application data. Managing exhibitor applications for shows that sell by space is now a seamless and intuitive process with the redesigned Floor Builder. 


A Closer Look at the New Features 


Centralized Space and Preference Requests:

Exhibitors can navigate the application process with ease.Space Application-Booth request The ability to make space requests and set preferences within a single step not only saves time but also simplifies the overall experience for exhibitors, allowing them to focus on showcasing their offerings and getting more involved with the upcoming trade show. 


Partner and Competitor Selection in Space Application:

Empower your exhibitors to shine on the show floor. This innovative feature enables exhibiting companies to provide a list of their unique competitors and partners. Show management teams can save time and create a more informed show floor plan while retaining control. The show management team will have the final say in assigning the requested booths.


Improved Floor Plan Viewing and Filtering Capabilities:

Space Application-View optionsShow managers now have a powerful tool at their disposal. The ability to highlight the floor plan based on pre-selected preferences, including exhibitors' requested booths, chosen competitors, partners, and available space, offers a dynamic way to navigate the floor plan efficiently during the booth assignment process. 


Exhibitor Sorting Options:

Space Application-Select CustomerThe flexibility to sort the list of customers by exhibiting company name, space requests, or status gives managers the control to assign spaces based on priority points or a first-come, first-serve basis. This empowers managers to optimize space allocation with precision. 


Beyond the Features 

Space Application-Max fitThe enhancements go beyond the individual features mentioned above. By consolidating all application information directly into the Builder tool, your event team can seamlessly manage the entire process within the platform. This not only saves significant time but ensures a more cohesive and stress-free experience for all involved. 


Ready to Dive Deeper? 

If you're eager to explore these new features further, contact us today to schedule a personalized walkthrough. Learn how these updates can be seamlessly implemented for your upcoming show, ensuring a more efficient and impactful trade show experience for shows using our Booth Sales Module.

At Map Your Show, we understand that the success of your trade show is our success. With these Floor Builder updates, we are confident that you'll not only experience a more streamlined exhibitor assignment process but also set the stage for an exceptional and memorable event. Elevate your trade show game with Map Your Show, your trade show technology partner. 

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