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Spotlight on Excellence: Celebrating SOF Week’s Triumph at the AEO Awards

At the Excellence Awards Event, organized by the Association of Event Organizers, event organizers from around the world gathered to celebrate their remarkable achievements. As a proud sponsor, Map Your Show had the honor of presenting the “Best International Show Americas” award to SOF Week 2024. Jason Stookey, Vice President of International Business at Map Your Show, presented the award and interviewed Tracy Bebbington from Clarion Events to delve into what makes SOF Week a standout event.

Content provided by Joanna Harvey, Marketing Director at Map Your Show.


Here's the Inside Look at SOF Week: Insights from Tracy Bebbington


Jason (J): What is SOF Week and who typically attends the event?

Tracy (T): SOF Week is the annual event for the Special Operations Forces (SOF), based in Tampa, Florida – the home of US SOCOM. The event is a partnership between US SOCOM, the Global SOF Foundation, and Clarion Events, bringing together the national and international SOF community for a week of content, networking, and collaboration. It allows industry to showcase their latest products and solutions to military end-users and procurement leads.



J: How do you create a unique experience for SOF Week? What sets your event apart from others?

T: This event caters to the entire SOF community, from active service members and their support network to transitioning officers. We focus on maximizing attendee time, organizing the tradeshow into zones for key procurement offices, leading global plenary sessions, and providing educational streams for spouses and transitioning officers. No other event has this level of community focus.


J: What role does technology play in your event?

T: Technology ensures all customer groups get the most ROI from their show experience. Exhibitors enjoy a seamless booking process and pre-show customer care, while attendees can connect with each other and exhibitors through secure, robust onsite technologies.


J: What plans do you have for SOF Week in the future?

T: We're just two editions into SOF Week planning and are already seeing strength and growth. We're continually finding new ways to cater to service members and their families, while providing a platform for industry to showcase solutions. Despite organizing the 2023 edition in just five months, we've seen growth across all metrics and are excited about the possibilities for 2025 and beyond.



A882F649-D855-4B3C-A2AF-4A79EEA1FA2A_1_201_aThe recognition of SOF Week 2023 as the “Best International Show Americas” highlights the dedication and innovation that go into creating a world-class event. With a focus on the unique needs of the SOF community, the integration of cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to continuous improvement, SOF Week stands out as a premier event in the industry. As Tracy Bebbington and her team look to the future, the bar is set high for upcoming editions, promising even greater experiences for attendees and exhibitors alike.



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