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Selecting the Best Mobile App for Events

Trade show attendees are always on the move, and so should your event! This is where an Event Mobile App can transform attendee and exhibitor interactions with your trade show. Read on for key questions to ask technology providers when selecting a mobile app for your next event.

Content by Madison Frye, Marketing Associate at Map Your Show 

Selecting the right trade show mobile app is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your event's success. To ensure you make an informed choice, consider asking the following questions:


1) What Features Does the App Offer?

To find the best event application for your show, make sure the app offers key features such as interactive maps, exhibitor directories, session schedules, and tools for networking among attendees. Look out for extra perks like lead retrieval, personalized schedules, and engaging gamification elements.


2) Is the App User-Friendly?

User friendly mobile event app. map your show event management technology and event mobile app providerEvaluate the app's interface to ensure it is user-friendly. A well-designed and intuitive layout guarantees that exhibitors and attendees can effortlessly navigate the app.


3) Does It Support Multiple Platforms?

Check to see if the app supports multiple devices and operating systems (such as iOS and Android), as this will ensure that all attendees can access it, leading to a wider reach and greater inclusivity.


4) What Level of Customization is Possible?

Ensure that the app provides the flexibility to align with your event's branding by allowing for the incorporation of logos, color schemes, and personalized content.


5) How Does the App Handle Floor Plans?

mobile event app with mapping capabilities. Map your show event management technology and event mobile app providerEvaluate the app's mapping capabilities, including interactive floor plans. Ensure it provides easy navigation, the ability to highlight key areas of interest, as well as real-time updates.


This is easily achieved with Map Your Show's Event Mobile App technology.


6) What Analytical Insights Does the App Provide?

Inquire about the app's analytics and reporting capabilities. Understand how it tracks user engagement, popular features, and other relevant data to help you assess the success of your event. This enables your event management team to pivot where needed to continue growth.


7) How Does the App Handle Updates and Notifications?

trade show mobile app notifications. Map Your Show event management technology and event mobile app-1Check the app's ability to send real-time updates and notifications to inform attendees about schedule changes, announcements, and other important information.


8) What Customer Support is Available?

Inquire about the level of customer support provided by the app provider. Will you be troubleshooting with a support bot or a human? Ensure there is the reliable support you need before, during, and after the event.


9) What is the Cost Structure?

Understand the pricing model, including any additional fees for specific features or customization. Be clear about what is included in the basic package and what may incur extra costs. 


10) Can the App Integrate with Other Event Technologies?

event mobile app integration. trade show mobile app. Map Your Show event mobile app softwareCheck if the app can seamlessly integrate with other tools you may be using, such as registration systems, survey platforms, or CRM software, to create a cohesive event ecosystem.



11) Is the App CAPTCHA/ GDPR Compliant?

Ensure the app strictly follows data protection regulations, especially if your event attracts attendees from regions with strict privacy laws. It is also important to confirm how attendee and exhibitor data is handled and secured.


12) What is the App's Track Record?

event mobile app reviews. best event mobile app. map your show event management technology and event mobile app for coferencing and trade shows.Research the app provider's reputation and experience, including reviews and case studies.

Consider customization options, real-time changes, ease of access to event content, agenda details, session registration, and integration with personal agenda planners when choosing a trade show mobile app.


13) Does the Mobile App Support Industry Education?

Education plays a crucial role in the trade show experience, making it essential to confirm that your mobile app provider also caters to industry education. It should not only handle the trade show element of your event, but also the education and conferencing elements. 

This includes access to important details like event schedules, speaker bios, maps, and educational materials. The mobile app should also allow for attendees to create their own show schedule and register to attend sessions all from the app.


Map Your Show's Event Mobile App is more than just a tool; it's a strategic asset that can enhance the overall event experience. Contact us today for a free demo of the latest features.



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