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Map Your Show Expands Exhibitor Engagement Team: Enhancing Client Support and Innovation

Map Your Show (MYS), a leading event management software and services provider, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its Exhibitor Engagement team. This strategic expansion aims to boost support and deliver lead-generation opportunities to exhibitors, ensuring an elevated level of service and satisfaction. 


As part of MYS's commitment to delivering exceptional client experiences, the expanded Exhibitor Engagement team will focus on providing tailored support, innovative engagement strategies, and comprehensive solutions to meet the evolving needs of exhibitors. The team will also work to assist show management teams in gaining additional revenue for the event. This expansion reflects MYS’s dedication to fostering strong relationships and driving success for its clients in the trade show and event industry. 


“We are excited to expand our Exhibitor Engagement team as part of our ongoing efforts to provide unparalleled support and innovative solutions to our clients,” said Brett Glatfelter, Vice President of Exhibitor Engagement at Map Your Show. “Our goal is to ensure that every exhibitor has the resources and guidance they need to maximize their success at events.” 


The expanding team offers a wealth of experience and expertise in client relations, sponsorship sales, and technological solutions. Their diverse backgrounds and fresh perspectives will contribute to MYS’s ability to deliver cutting-edge services and address the unique challenges that exhibitors face in today’s event landscape. 


Key benefits of the expanded Exhibitor Engagement team include: 

  • Enhanced Support: Exhibitors will receive support from a specialized team of experts to maximize their experience at the show. 

  • Innovative Solutions: The Exhibitor Engagement team will use cutting-edge technologies, sponsorships, and strategies to assist exhibitors in creating engaging and impactful event experiences. 

  • Proactive Engagement: By understanding the specific needs and goals of each exhibitor, the team will offer proactive solutions and recommendations to drive success. 

  • Increasing ROE: By working with the Exhibitor Engagement team, event managers increase event revenue from advertising and sponsorships by as much as 40% while ensuring exhibitors have a successful event. 

  • Expanding Exhibitor Satisfaction: Exhibitors can benefit from new and unique sponsorship opportunities, increasing leads and ROI. 


Map Your Show’s commitment to innovation and client success has established the company as a trusted partner in the event management industry. With the expansion of the Exhibitor Engagement team, MYS is poised to continue delivering exceptional value and support to its clients, ensuring success for every event. 


About Map Your Show: Map Your Show (MYS) is your trade show operating system. For 20 years, our technology has been trusted by the world's leading trade show and event organizers. MYS offers the technology solutions you need to power your event: building an expo floor plan, helping exhibitors stay on top of their deadlines, navigating attendees through the event with a mobile app, and selling booths and advertising.Our technology powers trade shows, conferences, and events so that organizers can focus on what matters most: delivering a successful event. 

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