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Partnership Success: Map Your Show and T3 Expo Partner on Toy Fair

The Toy Association®, Inc. is a business trade association representing hundreds of companies, including manufacturers, retailers, licensors, and others, involved in the youth entertainment industry.


The Toy Association produces the world-renowned Toy Fair® (aka the North American International Toy Fair®), the largest and most comprehensive play-focused experience.



In 2019 T3 Expo joined forces with Map Your Show to maximize the exhibitor and attendee experience at The Toy Fair experience. This case study explores how the collaborative effort has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the event.

Content Written by Thembela Mavuso, Channel and Product Marketing Manager at Map Your Show. 

Table of Contents:

  1. The Problem

  2. Implementation 

  3. Results and Impact 

  4. Conclusion 


toyfair updated logo-1 Partnership Success: Map Your Show and T3 Expo Partner on Toy Fair

The Problem

Owned and managed by The Toy Association, Toy Fair has been connecting buyers and sellers of toys and children's entertainment products since 1903. This annual international marketplace is held in New York City each February.

The Toy Fair brings together more than 1,000 exhibitors worldwide at the Javits Center in New York City each fall. With approximately eight football fields of space, the Toy Association needed to ensure it could effortlessly design booth layouts and create visually appealing and functional spaces throughout the show floor.

As the official contractor for the Toy Fair, T3 Expo looked to MYS’s cutting-edge floor builder to create a tailored floor plan. The tool provided a robust, innovative, and user-friendly platform that would enable exhibitors and attendees to navigate the event seamlessly.



  • Map Your Show‘s Customizable Floor Plan

MYS’s Floor plan solution provided T3Expo’s team with an intuitive and customizable interface, allowing the show’s organizing team to design and modify the Toy Fair floor layout effortlessly.

  • Streamlined User Interface

The easy-to-use floor mapping software ensured that teams could update and maintain the floor plan regardless of the user’s technical experience. With comprehensive access, they could manage configurations, make real-time updates, and adapt to evolving needs throughout the event.

  • Effortless File Imports

MYS's platform excelled in importing file data without loss of data, providing a streamlined experience that facilitated efficient management of the Toy Fair without unnecessary complexities.

  • Dedicated After-Sales Support

MYS offered a dedicated support system, with responsive and professional account managers able to address technical questions and problem-solve in real-time. The platform is also supported by a staff of network engineers on call 24/7. This created a seamless and stress-free experience before, during, and after the Toy Fair.




Results and Impact

  • Enhanced Efficiency

The partnership resulted in a more efficient Toy Fair planning and management process, as the Toy Association could easily design, adapt, and manage the floor plan in real-time.


  • Positive Feedback

The Toy Fair continues to receive positive feedback from both exhibitors and attendees, highlighting improved organization, easy booth changes, and increased overall satisfaction. 


"I have been using Map Your Show since inception and it is my preferred choice. They make the process of importing clients' floor plans seamless. Preparing and importing the floor plan is simple. With just a few clicks, my floor plan transforms to mirroring the clients' live plan like magic. Prior to using MYS, I would spend hours going booth by booth looking for changes and comparing the client's plan to mine; those days are far gone. MYS has made my life easier, allowing me to be accurate and productive. I have used other software, but none of them compared to MYS. Once you use this, you cannot live without it."

CAD Floor Plan Design Manager, T3 Expo



The collaborative success between T3Expo and Map Your not only met the outlined challenges but exceeded expectations, showcasing how a tailored floor plan solution can transform the management of a major event like the Toy Associations Toy Fair

the partnership set a precedent for effective event management and resulted in increased ROI for exhibitors and attendees alike. 

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