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Exhibitor-Made Content is Key to Increasing Attendee Acquisition

Exposing exhibitor content is key to attendee acquisition. What exhibitors display onsite is a key factor in the attendee’s decision-making process. It is important to offer the attendee an easy way to search, view, and organize their personal show experience. The attendee can then use this information to justify their attendance and to make the most of the time spent away from their everyday tasks. The main way to streamline preparation is having all exhibitor-made content in one place; this creates a content marketing engine that drives attendee acquisition. Your system should be seamless in collecting exhibitor content and making it accessible in multiple ways to the attendee. Ideally, your system should rely on the latest technology like artificial intelligence (AI) to help guide the attendee through the vast content your show website presents. This will directly impact the acquisition of attendees because they will have a concrete reason to attend your event. 

Agenda Planners: As a show organizer, you want to ensure you are making the most of your attendees’ time engaging with exhibitors both onsite and online. Creating an agenda planner is their ticket to maximizing their show experience. A planner allows attendees to compile a must-connect-with list of exhibitors, access exclusive discounts and giveaways, participate in online education sessions, create a list of must-see products, communicate with exhibitor contacts and most importantly, create a personalized show experience. Allow your attendees to save time on the show floor by focusing their approach, map out their route using interactive floor plans, and increase efficiency by organizing their events and appointments all in one place.

Showrooms: In an online directory, showrooms act as a branded landing page for each exhibitor. On this page attendees have streamlined access to every exhibitor at your event and the products they are bringing to the show. These showrooms allow attendees to peruse product galleries, save content to view later and connect with exhibitor contacts to get them excited for your event. To increase attendee acquisition, it is important for attendees know what is going to be at the show and where to find everything they want to see.

New Product Galleries: New Product Galleries allow attendees to view the latest and greatest products exhibitors are promoting both onsite and online. Attendees can save products to their show planner and reach out to exhibitor contacts if they have additional questions. Shows can generate QR codes paired with products that are onsite to guide attendees to critical product information.

Company Description: It is essential for exhibitors to include keywords, search terms, and phrases in company descriptions that attendees could potentially use to locate products and services. Not only will this give them a full picture of the company, but it will also help maximize search returns, leads, and booth visits and ensure everyone is getting the most out of your event. Exhibitors should be encouraged to make sure all information is accurate and up to date throughout the show cycle, so attendees get the most out of these features.

Product Categories: Attendees will often filter the directory by product category to identify companies quickly and easily that fit their interests. In a B2B setting, it is important for attendees to make sure they are not missing companies in a category. For this to work, it is necessary for exhibitors to associate the appropriate categories to their company profile. Product categories should also be pulled into a keyword search to make it easy for attendees to find the products they are looking for at the show.

Upgraded Listing Packages: To help attendees get the most out of your event experience, it is important to offer upgrade opportunities to exhibitors. These packages often include additional content that can be uploaded including logos, videos, images, and additional pieces of collateral. Purchasing an upgrade package will increase visibility on the show directory helping attendees find exactly what they are looking for.


Attendee acquisition is about making sure attendees get value out of going to your event; to do that, you need give attendees tangible reasons to attend. The best way to do that is providing a platform that clearly lays out everything an attendee can gain from your event. Using exhibitor information and collateral as a content marketing engine provides prospective attendees value in attending the event. The technology platform you choose needs to align with this strategy, and it will facilitate attendee acquisition.

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