What Does Your Halloween Costume Say About You?

All the spooky traits associated with your favorite costume

It’s the time of the year to dress up and let your true colors show! Halloween is a festive time to dress up in your favorite costume and haunt or scare your coworkers, but have you ever wondered what your choice in costume says about you? Here are a few popular costumes and the spooky traits associated with each of them:


Just like a real vampire, you likely stay up working all night and have one thing on your mind, blood…I mean planning your event! Although you are likely not stalking your next victim, you do have your end goal in mind at all times and will do anything at all costs to be successful. Take for example hybrid events. There are many moving components when planning an event that is both in-person and online, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. When you use an all-in-one platform that allows you to plan your in-person and online portions in one place, it can save you time and headaches. So, go ahead and sleep for centuries, you have bigger things to worry about than planning to go hybrid, like avoiding garlic!


You are the heavy lifter of the team and can always be counted on to save the day. Although the task may be steep, you never back down from the challenge. The monumental job of building your floor plan is never a simple task. What if it could be though? Find a floor plan builder that is your one stop shop and easily manageable by your entire team instead of just you. Easily import a CAD file or build from scratch with a user-friendly software. Forgotten are the days that you need to know AutoCAD. Fly into the future by simply snapping booths into their positions with the click of your mouse. 


You enjoy having the scariest costume in the office, but we all know deep down that every zombie only wants to be at peace. You put on your scary face, but at the end of the day, you wouldn’t mind a few hacks when planning your event that make your task list less terrifying. Take for example updating your show’s mobile app. The idea of designing an app that is cohesive with your show website can be cumbersome, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider partnering with a software company that integrates your online directory, floor plan, and other online show components into an easy-to-manage mobile app. 


Whether you wave your wand or snap your fingers, you are all about instant gratification. You do not have the time nor the energy to spend hours on a project that could just as easily be done in a matter of minutes. For example, selling booth space. No one wants to handle loads of paperwork. It doesn’t take any black magic to turn this tedious task into a seamless one. Booth sales can be integrated directly with your floor plan, making it easier for exhibitors to see, select, and purchase their booth space for next year! Wondering if it can get any easier? It can when you throw in the ability to also sell sponsorships opportunities during the checkout process as well!


You prefer to stay behind the scenes and don’t necessarily like to be seen, but you still want to have an impact on your event. Increase attendance and awareness for your event by handling your pre-show marketing. Whether that is posting your show’s socials media, or sending out eNewsletters, both of these tasks are extremely important to the success of you event. You may not be able to be seen physically, but you will definitely be heard!

As you plan to scare this one day out of the year, do not let planning your event spook you the other 364 days out of the year!

What Does Your Halloween Costume Say About You?