Welcome to the MYS Team, Jennie!

We are thrilled to welcome Jennie Largent to the team as the new Marketing Director for Map Your Show. Jennie has been a professional marketer for nearly fifteen years and has led numerous initiatives to support a variety of nonprofit and charitable organizations.

With an aptitude for creativity, Jennie studied graphic design and advertising fundamentals at Sam Houston State University in her home state of Texas. She then moved to Cincinnati and obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and her Master of Arts in Human Resources from the University of Cincinnati. She’s currently completing training to become a diversity, equity, and inclusion leader, which is a passion of hers.

Before joining Map Your Show, Jennie led the marketing team at FEG Investment Advisors (FEG), an investment advisory firm. While at FEG, she managed several large educational events and conferences and was responsible for implementing creative solutions and leveraging technology to support teams, clients, and the community. Jennie also has a strong track record of team and relationship-building, and we are excited to have the benefit of her skills and expertise in this area.  

Learn more about our newest team member below:

Name: Jennie Largent

Department: Marketing

Job Title: Marketing Director

Best movie of all time:

28 Days Later – I LOVE horror movies!

Quote to live by:

“Assumptions are the termites of relationships.” - Henry Winkler

Book you’d read over and over again:

“The Yellow Wallpaper,” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Although it’s a short story, I’ve read it at least 20 times!

Outside of work I can be found...

Going to concerts, watching movies with my boyfriend and 2 cats, and eating charcuterie whenever I can! I also love to travel as much as I can.

Who would you play in a movie?

The eccentric comedic relief.

If I hadn’t become a Marketing Director I might have been a…

Something to do with the theater. I loved acting in high school and college...I will always wonder what my life would have been if I went this route.

What’s on your Spotify/Pandora playlist right now?

My Bloody Valentine, Leonard Cohen, and lots of 90s grunge

Favorite restaurant:

Scotti’s Italian downtown hands down. And anyplace that has wine and charcuterie!

Guiltiest TV pleasure:

Paranormal shows! Ghost Hunters, Ghost Nation, Dead Files, Kindred Spirits.


Jennie will be at Expo! Expo! 2021 with the rest of the MYS team! Be sure to connect with her at the show. Also feel free to connect with Jennie on LinkedIn.

Welcome to the MYS Team, Jennie!