Virtual Events: Through the Eyes of the Exhibitor

Seeing the first-hand results that virtual events can have for exhibitors, attendees, and you.

As a show organizer, you have been put through the ringer this year. You have spent months and years preparing for your in-person event, only to be faced with the decision to either cancel altogether, or salvage part of your event by moving to virtual. When you begin the initial transition, the pivot to bringing your show online may seem like a backup plan, and you may be questioning the effectiveness of the overall event. But what if we told you that exhibitors are seeing positive results from virtual events?

We had the opportunity to speak with the Do It Best market and one of their exhibitors. This show is traditionally an in-person event but made the transition to their “first-ever virtual Do It Best Market”. Although the idea of pivoting was overwhelming, Do It Best show management was "very pleased with the robust features and ease of use of the software" and "received numerous comments from vendor partners on the user-friendliness of the platform". 

Still wanting more validation? We also spoke with a exhibitor, named Jeff, who exhibited at the virtual Do It Best market that was hosted on the MYS Virtual platform; here is what we found out:

Q: How do you feel this year’s virtual event experience compared to your experience participating in in-person in previous years?

A: “We actually had ‘record sales’ during the virtual event, which was exciting news especially since the overall sales across the company have been under forecast this year due to the current economic climate. I believe these sales were possible because the online platform allowed for attendees to easily access our show specials. The convenience virtual shows offer can be a big win for exhibitors like us, especially due to the fact we are directly selling during the event. I liked the fact participants could view our exhibitor showroom and place orders with the click of a button. It’s truly a win-win for all parties involved.”

Q: What components of the virtual event do you believe you benefitted from most?

A: “The ease of maintaining everything from one dashboard. It was easy to have multiple employees available through the chat functionality and being able to collect the leads/sales all in one place. With the software made available to us this year, we didn’t have to handle any paperwork which makes the entire process easy to maintain.”

Q: What are your thoughts on keeping shows “hybrid” post-pandemic?

A: “I hope the shows are hybrid in the future. The in-person shows are great but potential customers do not always have the time to get to every booth, therefore they possibly miss out on show deals. With the online portal in addition to the in-person event, the show has a better shot of reaching a wider audience, giving us the opportunity to connect with more people, even if they don’t have the time to make it to our booth.”

Q: Did you see a percentage increase in show sales compared to 2019? Could you give us a hard stat?

A: “We were able to increase our sales by 44% in comparison to the 2019 in-person event.”

Each exhibitor measures the success of their show differently, but this impressive statistic can be a good testament to show the way virtual events can positively impact trade shows. Exhibitors can increase their brand exposure and create valuable connections that can last beyond the event.

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Virtual Events: Through the Eyes of the Exhibitor