Utilizing Your Trade Show Mobile App: Best Practices

Utilize your trade show mobile app with these key tips.

Over the last three years, we have witnessed a change in many things in the trade show industry. A higher need for meeting and exceeding ROI, overall engagement of exhibitors and attendees… you name it. But what if there was a way to meet these needs, while staying within your show’s budget? With the event community swiftly rejuvenating, now is the time to take advantage of this shift and introduce a mobile app for your next trade show or conference.


Trade Show Mobile App Development

Developing a trade show mobile app can seem intimidating but with a great team of developers, this can be executed swiftly and efficiently before your next show cycle to meet your trade show's goals. Thanks to this new mobile app, your attendees and exhibitors are both directly engaged with your communications and your show is more easily accessible compared to a traditional website. This newfound accessibility has its perks as this opens up a new door of revenue for your show. Exhibitors can add on rotating mobile banner ads, splash screen sponsorships, and push notifications to their listing packages. Attendees will be excited by ease of managing appointments, researching products, and selecting exhibitors to visit all from the app.

The key to easy mobile app development is ensuring the information included is as complete and accurate as possible before your app’s submission to Apple's iOS App Store and Google's Google Play store. By doing this, you will ease potential roadblocks that could be caused by large content downloads on site.


Pre-Trade Show Key Tips

Once your app is available in the app store, it’s time to promote it to your attendees and exhibitors. Pushing for downloads before your show is live is important, as it assists in data collection and helps to prevent Wi-Fi issues while on site.

Pre-trade show email blasts are one way to advertise your show’s app. Create and send a stand-alone email announcement to pre-registered and prospective attendees/exhibitors. This can also include a QR code at the bottom of the email or a link for the recipient to select. We’ve created a pre-trade show email template for you below.


email draft for blog-1


These announcements should also be incorporated into upcoming newsletters and social media promotions as well as posting an app link on your trade show’s registration confirmation page and confirmation email. Registrants are focused on your show during this process, and this is an easy way to draw attention to your app.


The Trade Show Is On!

The highest numbers of downloads usually occur shortly before or onsite at your trade show. Continue to advertise your app throughout the show with signage posted around your exhibitor and conference areas. Include QR codes for easy downloads. Urge your exhibitors to share the app in their upcoming promotions, as usage of the app can also mean their success in gaining more visitors to their booth. This will result in increased exhibitor sales, increased engagement in shows to come, and an increase in overall exhibitor ROI!


Show’s Over. Now What?

Some mobile app users may delete the app after the show. However, repeat attendees may not, allowing for push notifications after the show on upcoming events related to your show. Now that you have made it through your show cycle, implement post-trade show surveys in order to increase success for your next show. Encourage app users to complete a post-show survey with the use of notifications. App users can also export notes taken during the show. This allows users to “report back” insights found from the trade show to their company.


Key Takeaways

Through this document we’ve demonstrated the importance of utilizing and advertising a trade show app during all the different show stages (pre-show, showtime, and post-show). Some of these options included email blasts, post-show surveys, and pre-show app development tips. 

For more information on mobile app development for your next trade show, contact an MYS representative today and see why MYS is “your trade show operating system”.

Utilizing Your Trade Show Mobile App: Best Practices