Using Technology to Create a Contactless Event

Connect your attendees and exhibitors while keeping them safe at your next event

Technology has the power to open many doors for us, especially in a time of temporary change. As we approach the reopening of live events, there may be some discussion on whether in-person events should be kept contactless and safe for the time being. Here are some tips to encourage social distancing at your show and help your customers avoid direct contact when necessary.

Schedule Appointments

Encourage exhibitors and attendees to connect prior to the start of the show through an online directory. This way, valuable connections can already begin to grow. By organizing their time, exhibitors can connect with attendees who are interested in what they are offering and avoid over-crowded booths. Planning a specific time to meet ahead of time ensures safety while still creating valuable networking opportunities.

Live Stream Sessions

Although sessions will still be live at an in-person event, there may be restrictions on the number of attendees able to sit in on the presentation. Consider hosting a live stream session in addition to the in-person. This prevents rooms from becoming crowded while allowing attendees to social distance and still gain the educational benefits of the session.

Virtual Business Cards

Long gone are the days that you must physically hand over your contact information to connect. Utilize an online exhibitor directory where exhibitors can upload their contact information, and attendees can save it to their mobile device with the click of a button. This will reduce physical contact and increase connections!

Digital Collateral

Flyers, product sheets, and white papers contain valuable information for attendees, but sometimes they never make it from your attendees’ SWAG bag to their office desk. The passing of collateral also does not adhere with the idea of keeping your show contactless. Instead of encouraging exhibitors to pass out sheets of paper, instead offer them a place to upload their content online that will be accessible for attendees to view or download.

Online Booth Sales

Bring your booth sales process completely online! Doing this not only encourages social distancing, but also streamlines your entire booth sales process by cutting out paperwork that will need to be scanned into your system. Build your floor plan, sell, and/or renew booth spaces and process payments all within one platform. Whether you still host your booth sales on-site or decide to do it over the phone, you can be certain to ensure a contactless process.

The temporary future of events may look a little different, but the valuable connections that are made can still be strong, even as you move towards a contactless event. Allow technology to increase both networking and learning opportunities as you plan for your next event.

Using Technology to Create a Contactless Event