The Importance of Showing Exhibitors How to Generate Leads and Network

Showing exhibitors the value of attending your event

During a traditional, in-person event, exhibitors usually measure the success of the event based on the number of valuable conversations they have. As you transition your show to a virtual or hybrid event, exhibitors may feel uneasy on how they will be able to continue to connect and generate new leads. However, most online platforms offer the ability to track leads and also offer great networking opportunities. The only barrier standing between exhibitors and a successful event is the knowledge on how to use this lead generating software. Here are a few ideas on educating your exhibitors on using your new lead tracking technology:

Use an Event Management Software with Lead Tracking Capabilities

First things first, be sure to partner with a software company that offers “easy-to-use” networking and lead tracking capabilities. Connecting exhibitors with attendees is the most important part of your event, no matter if it is virtual or in-person. When deciding on an online platform, work with a company that allows attendees and exhibitors to share their contact information with one another. Both the attendees and exhibitors can opt into communication and can network effectively.

Scheduling a Pre-show Webinar

Before your show begins, exhibitors need to know how they can use the event software for lead generation. Schedule a webinar to educate exhibitors on how to upload virtual business cards and how to network during the event. This gives your exhibitors a first-hand look at the platform in real-time so they will not feel so overwhelmed when you send them access to their exhibitor portal. Be sure to leave time for a Q&A session to address any other questions they may have.

Providing “How-To” Resources

It’s always a good idea to have resources readily available. Provide how-to documentation on setting up exhibitor profiles, best practices on networking, and additional information on how to access show stats once the event is over. By offering these resources to your exhibitors, you are giving them all the tools and information they need to get the most out of your event.

Be Available During the Show to Answer Questions

During an in-person event, you always have team members available to help exhibitors with questions, and the same should be true during a virtual or hybrid event. Be sure to publicize to exhibitors an FAQ section within the exhibitor dashboard, and also give them specific contact information if they need additional assistance. Communication is key to a successful event!

Show Exhibitors How to Access Leads Once the Show is Over

It’s important for exhibitors to connect during the event, but it is just as important that they have access to attendee information once the show ends. Send emails following the close of the show advising exhibitors how they can access the leads they received during the event. This will allow your exhibitors to see the lasting impact your event can have on their business throughout the year.

It is best practice to have a plan in place to engage before, during and after the event takes place. We know you have a lot on your plate, but the communication you have prior to the start of your show with exhibitors can have a huge impact on your event. Be sure to be available for questions and provide as many resources as possible so your exhibitors can effectively use your online platform throughout the duration of your event. Last but not least, always follow-up after the event, and you will have a successful outcome.

The Importance of Showing Exhibitors How to Generate Leads and Network