St. Patrick’s Day – A day when everyone claims to be Irish!

March 17th – a single 24-hours dedicated to excessive green wearing, excessive smooching (kiss me – I’m Irish), and, of course, excessive drinking. A unique and fun holiday to be sure. Let’s visit some of what makes this a day celebrated world-wide.

(Gasp) St. Patrick was actually British – St. Patrick was born in Britain and was, at 16, kidnapped and brought to Ireland. After six years, he escaped back to Britain and eventually returned to Ireland as a Christian missionary. Oh, and those snakes he supposedly drove off? Nope, it’s all a big myth. Research and the country’s fossil evidence suggest snakes never occupied the island in the first place. It is a nice story though, kind of like you telling your event’s story using our Conference Management Module.

Who doesn’t love a parade? – The first St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in what was a Spanish colony in what currently is St. Augustine Florida on March 17th, 1601. Today, Chicago lays claim to the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade with over 2 million spectators. Planning and coordinating a parade is kind of like building your event’s floor plan no?

Love it or hate it, corned beef and cabbage? – This quintessential St. Paddy’s Day meal was unbelievably an American creation. While the Irish did eat ham and cabbage, the impoverished Irish-American immigrants developed today’s version of the meal. Adapting is something we here at Map Your Show are very familiar with as evidenced by our Hybrid Event.

Let’s talk leprechauns – Legend has it these diminutive creatures are the sons of an evil spirit and a degenerate fairy and are neither wholly evil nor good. And oddly enough, there are no female leprechauns. MYS has an entire professional team of their own leprechauns wildly excited to help you engage your exhibitors.

Hoist up that green beerThis St. Patrick’s Day tradition began as a feast day held in honor of St. Patrick on the anniversary of the day he died. Christians can put aside their Lenten restrictions on food and alcohol consumption on this day, which is why (excessive) drinking has become so permanently linked to this happy day. Give yourself a break – you can start your booth sales up again tomorrow.

Certainly, this year, like last year’s, celebration is going to be a much more subdued version of St. Patrick’s Day. Whatever you do, know that the MYS Team is so looking forward to the day when we can once again treat you to that beer.

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St. Patrick’s Day – A day when everyone claims to be Irish!