Must-Haves While You Work from Home

Tips for boosting work productivity and staying focused as you continue to work from home

Remember back in March when we all thought we would be back in the office in just a few weeks? Well, it is a new year and many of us are still working from home as we navigate through the pandemic. Luckily we can now see a light at the end of the tunnel, but it is likely some of us will continue to work from home throughout the first quarter of the year. Here are a few must-haves to stay comfortable and productive as you work from home: 

A Morning Routine 

Think back to two months ago when you would set your alarm at 4:45am for a quick workout before you made your coffee and got ready for the workday (just me?). Everyone has their routines during the work week, and it should not change just because you are working from home. Sure, you can sleep in those extra 30 minutes since your commute was cut down, but be sure to keep structure your day, and change out of those pajamas! 

A Comfortable Chair 

I don’t think I am alone when I say I miss my work chair more than anything else as I WFH. Wouldn’t you feel better attending that virtual event from a comfortable chair? Chair ergonomics are so important, so be sure you find a place to sit in your house that is comfortable and safe. We are already going through a pandemic, the last thing you want to do is throw your back out because you were sitting in a wooden chair all day. 

Natural Light 

You cannot tell me you do not instantly feel perkier and more proactive when the sun is shining through your windows. Find a place in your home that is near the windows. It will help you feel less isolating being able to see the great outdoors, and it will also improve the lighting on your conference calls with coworkers (check out our previous post about staying connected with your colleagues).  

Accessible Outlets 

It is 2020, and most people find an outlet as soon as they walk into any room.  Be sure you have one close by or you have an extension cord so you can stay charged up and ready to tackle all your event planning tasks for the day. You will want a good power supply to get the most out of all your show management tools

White Noise 

The sound of silence can be distracting, and you are likely not used to it. When you are at the office there is typically background chatter or a low buzz from the air conditioning unit, so be sure to keep some background noise going to keep your mind stimulated. Try to keep the tv on a low volume, play music, or download a white noise app. Find that perfect balance between loud distractions and dead silence. 

A Water Bottle 

It is so important to stay hydrated, so be sure to keep a water bottle on hand. It is easy to make it through half the day before realizing you have not had a drop of water.  

You have made it this far, keep pushing forward and you will be back to your workspace before you know it! 

Must-Haves While You Work from Home