Mentorship in the Events Industry

From the desk of Justin Post, Regional VP of Sales

I’ve had the privilege of being a part of the IAEE Young Professional Committee over the last couple of years, and an interesting topic popped up in one of our virtual get togethers last year – mentorship.

It’s a concept I thought I felt comfortable with, whether from days on high school sports teams or overall contact at work and social functions. A seasoned vet takes the young whippersnapper under his/her wings, and viola – you’ve got a mature industry professional.

I knew IAEE had resources available to help newer members in the events industry with this very matter, but somewhat shamefully, I hadn’t formally checked them out. Someone on our YP call brought up a point I hadn’t even considered. A point that suddenly combined all my experiences together: mentorship doesn’t have to be formal.

The decade or so I’ve spent in the events industry has introduced me to handful of extremely helpful mentors – some of whom probably don’t even realize how beneficial they’ve been. And up until that YP conversation, I didn’t assign a formal title to that relationship. Placing a mental designation on this, has somehow made it more important and more prominent in my life.

It’s not like I walk around every day looking to make someone proud, or – more importantly – attempt to bestow my sage advice to others in and out of my network. But I’m definitely more cognizant of how everyone around us plays in a role in our industry experience.

Whether you’re looking to formally contribute to the next generation of event professionals or not, your actions and words are likely doing so either way. If you would like to discuss mentorship or maybe software for your next event, feel free to reach out. We’d love to connect and hear your thoughts.

Mentorship in the Events Industry