Know Your Show-er: Alex Dennis

Check out what, Exhibitor Engagement Manager, Alex Dennis is up to when he isn't stretching the reach of your sponsorship sales team. 

Name: Alex Dennis

Occupation: Exhibitor Engagement Manager

Years of Service: 2.5 Years

What’s your favorite MYS-specific story? Don’s entertainment at the Christmas party

What makes you laugh the most? Any movie scene with Jim Carrey

If you could only listen to one band/musician for the rest of your life, who would you choose? There is a tie. It is between Foo Fighters or The Offspring

What is your favorite thing about Cincinnati? Skyline

If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would you get? Chipotle

Have you ever met anyone famous? Ken Griffey Jr.

Who should be featured on the blog next? Tony Kruessel

MYS Exhibitor Engagement Team specializes in stretching the reach of your sponsorship sales team. We will assist in educating your exhibitors on how to obtain the most value from their online advertising opportunities. We are very flexible in our approach to integrating with your existing sponsorship opportunities. The MYS sales staff has successfully worked with numerous events integrating this methodology and strives to work as an extension of your in-place sales team. Learn more about our exhibitor engagement team here

Know Your Show-er: Alex Dennis