How Working with Your Pets Can Boost Morale

Powering through the workday with the help of your furry friend

Working from home can often put you in a position of feeling isolated. You aren’t surrounded by office chatter and don’t get that human interaction as consistently as you would like. However, lucky for you (and your furry friend), you have been able to spend more time with your pet. There is no need to lock your cat out of your office or send your dog to daycare. Sharing your workspace with your pet can help boost your morale throughout the workday!

  1. Reduce Stress Levels During a Stressful Time

Studies have shown that working with your pet can reduce stress levels, so feel free to share your workspace with them. Animals can provide a calming demeanor that will keep you calm and collected as you begin to plan for the return of in-person events.


  1. Provide Companionship While You Work from Home

We are now on month seven of working from home, so it’s very likely you feel isolated and alone when not working in a team environment. However, working with your pet can still offer the feeling of companionship throughout the day. Your cat may not be the best at selling booth space or building out your floor plan, but she will still keep your lap warm and your heart full!


  1. Our Pets Give Reminders to Take a Break

Sometimes we get in the zone and look at our watches and realize it has been five hours since we stood up or took a drink of water. When you are at the office, you likely socialize with coworkers at the water cooler, refill your coffee and stretch your legs throughout the day. This is equally as important when working from home. Take some notes from your dog. Drink when you need water, have a little snack to boost your energy and get out the door for a 15-minute walk around the neighborhood. This will boost your energy while you develop your upcoming eNewseltters to send your exhibitors, and your dog will also appreciate getting in an afternoon walk.


  1. Change Up Your Environment Throughout the Day

Your pet doesn’t sit in one spot throughout the day, so why should you? If you feel like your creativity is lacking when working on a social media content calendar, consider changing your environment, just like your pet would if they weren’t feeling comfortable. Never feel like you are glued to your seat. Pull up a chair next to your dog by the window, but try not to bark at the mailman!


We can all agree that pets are great company, so let them add value to your workday and help lower your stress levels. In return, spend some time giving your furry friend a nice scratch behind the ears; they definitely deserve it!

How Working with Your Pets Can Boost Morale