How Real-Time Reporting Strengthens Trade Shows in Today’s Environment

Event analytics and real time reporting can help your trade show track progress towards goals, pivot quickly, and improve communications.

AnalyticsMore than ever, trade show management relies on data to reach goals and maximize profits. However, many are finding that building accurate forecasts for events is challenging as the industry “restarts.”

With attendees registering later in the cycle, supply chain delays, and disruptions in travel, show organizers are struggling with how to effectively mitigate risks.

Real-time reporting addresses these issues and is an effective way to track progress, identify risks, and improve benchmarking accuracy.


On-demand reporting allows trade show organizers the ability to:

1. Record their goals and track progress

It is critical to document goals and track progress. This can help teams keep the biggest priorities in focus and identify risks early. Having access to historical data can help managers understand how quickly attendee and exhibitor decisions and actions change over time.  


2. Make informed decisions and pivot quickly

With immediate reporting, management teams are informed as changes occur, and they are provided an accurate snapshot throughout the show cycle. This keeps teams updated so they can identify patterns and make important decisions quickly.


3. Improve benchmarking accuracy and compare to previous shows

Comparison reporting helps show organizers improve their benchmarking capabilities, provides additional context for data, and sets expectations with internal stakeholders. Leading event platforms allow the comparison of multiple years of data in post-show reports.


4. Customize reports to align with each stakeholder’s objectives

Having a variety of report customization options and keeping all data within a central location helps with stakeholder transparency and communications. Each show has unique goals and considerations, and the reporting should be tailored to align with these goals.


5. Analyzing trends based on attendee interests

Access to data related to what attendees are searching for (frequently used keywords, popular product categories, exhibitor names and education content) can provide the organizer with tremendous insight into what is important to your customers. Information can be utilized to target new exhibitors/attendees, add educational content, add new segments to the show and much more.


Central HubIn addition, all data should be housed in a user-friendly dashboard and operate as a central hub. This allows the management team to have a single source of truth, which saves time and improves cross-functional communications by allowing all users to access relevant data on demand.

Transitioning to a real-time reporting solution can be effortless with the right technology partner. When evaluating options in the marketplace, it is wise to consider whether the solution provides instantaneous data updates, multiple year benchmarking, and customizable goals and reports, all within a central hub.

Map Your Show’s platform addresses all these needs. The MYS dashboard houses show data in an easy-to-use and customizable platform so clients can navigate their data. Multiple segments of planning and maintenance are streamlined onto one stage. In addition, the exhibitor dashboard allows exhibitors to control their online profiles, rather than relying on manual updates or nightly imports to maintain directory data.

As we move beyond the pandemic, forecasting can be ineffective. Using MYS’ real-time pacing reports enable management to process rapid data and develop immediate solutions. Instant data provides vast insight while highlighting areas of risk/concern that assist in making quick decisions throughout your show cycle.

As an established member of the trade show industry, MYS understands how to tackle the challenges of today’s uncertain environment. Allow us to show how we can provide you with greater accuracy than the forecasting method of yesterday.

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Jerry Gildea
Vice President
Map Your Show