How Live Demos and Group Chat Impact Your Virtual Event

Increasing connectivity among exhibitors and attendees

You have pivoted towards a virtual event for your upcoming show and may be wondering how you can still provide an interactive experience among your exhibitors and attendees. Most platforms are offering a variety of solutions, including live demonstrations that incorporate group chat. These scheduled demos can drive attendees to exhibitor showrooms and create conversations that will last once your event is over. Here are some more examples on how live demos and group chat can increase connectivity during your virtual event:

  1. Drive Engagement Among Exhibitors and Attendees

The great part about in-person events are the face-to-face interactions that are made. People can ask questions and get answers in a matter of minutes. This can still be the case for virtual events. Although people are not together physically, they can still have questions answered in real-time if they have access to a group chat feature during a live demo put on by an exhibitor. Not only can it create instant connections, but live demos can put a face to a name as they explore a virtual environment, making people more likely to interact. If executed properly, live demos are a great way for exhibitors to attract the attention of customers and answer their questions in an engaging and convenient form.

  1. Create Networking/Lead Opportunities

Networking opportunities are still alive and well during virtual events, especially when you throw group chat into the mix. Group chat can connect exhibitors with attendees, and attendees with one another. And best of all, attendees choose which live demos they want to watch, so odds are, those attendees who are watching the group chat will have commonalities that will make them want to engage with one another. Group chat can be a great tool to start conversations that can continue after the demo is over, leading to valuable business opportunities.

  1. Encourage Your Attendees to Plan in Advance

Attending a virtual show can be overwhelming, so ensure your attendees are equipped with tools to help them plan ahead. Agenda planners can allow attendees to target companies and products of interest and even justify their attendance by giving them the ability to see their journey at a later time. Be sure to also educate attendees on where to view live demos, how they can add them to their planner, and what the benefits are of attending a live demo versus only downloading content. By laying out a guideline for your attendees, you can show them how to maximize their virtual experience.

  1. Drive Traffic to Exhibitor Showrooms

Live demos will drive attendee engagement, making them more likely to visit exhibitor showrooms. When attendees are faced with exploring hundreds of exhibitors, they are more likely to interact with those that are offering live demonstrations on products/services that match their interest. The more content the exhibitors have, the more attractive their profile will look to attendees. From the exhibitor side, they will be able to actually see the impact their content has on their showroom. The more traffic the exhibitor gains, the more value they will see, including pageviews, leads, saved content, and more!

  1. Increase Show Revenue with Sponsorships

Exclusive Live Demo sponsorships are also another great way for exhibitors to maximize the return on their investment. Live demos give exhibitors the opportunity to reveal new products or services, announce special show deals, help customers overcome specific pain points or simply promote their company overall. Exhibitors see value in the opportunity to interact with attendees in real-time. Not only do the show goers benefit, but your show can increase revenue by offering sponsorship opportunities, so be sure to highlight how the sponsorships can increase exhibitor traffic and overall show success prior to your event.

The more interactive tools you offer with your virtual event to enhance it, the better the overall experience will be for your attendees and exhibitors. By incorporating cutting-edge features like live demonstrations and group chat, your entire audience will walk away feeling satisfied with their overall experience.

How Live Demos and Group Chat Impact Your Virtual Event