Creative Ways to Safely “Attend” Thanksgiving

Staying connected with friends and family as you socially distance this holiday

The end of November kicks off the time of year that you typically gather with family and friends. However, due to the current climate, the season that calls for sitting around the table sharing meals and laughs may look a little different in order to keep those around you safe. Although you are separated by distance, you can still find creative ways to stay engaged. Here are a few ideas on ways to stay connected with loved ones during this year’s Thanksgiving:

Bring Back the Family Zoom Call

At the beginning of the shutdown in the Spring, having family Zoom calls and group happy hours were all the rage. As Zoom fatigue set in, these connective calls became less frequent. Consider bringing back the video call for the upcoming holiday. Whether you all hop on the call before, during, or after your meal, you can still have the valuable family chatter that you typically do on Thanksgiving!

Share Videos of Your Prep Work

Most of the fun that comes from Thanksgiving is picking the items you are going to cook and doing all the preparations. Bring out your inner vlogger and capture all the fun without the pressure of the live audience, similar to the process of sharing pre-recorded videos during a live demo. Once you have perfected your techniques and your masterpiece is complete, you can send the video to friends and family so they can see just how to make your delicious sides!

Play Virtual Games After Dinner

Many families bond over game nights, and this is still a possibility even if you are separated by distance. Technology has opened up the door to constant connection, so look into games apps, like House Party. Games can make any event, whether a family dinner or a trade show more fun, so make sure to keep it as a family tradition!

Send Decorations or Tasty Treats in Advance

Are you the crafty type that always has the cutest name tags around your table? Or maybe your guests are always running through your door to try your signature cookies? Your family and friends don’t have to miss out on your creations just because they aren’t coming over to your house. Consider making care packages to send beforehand that capture the essence of your traditional Thanksgiving you typically spend together.

Mail a Handwritten Letter

There is a lot that can be said for a handwritten letter, especially during hard times. Take a step back out of the 21st century and consider handwriting a letter from the heart to send to your loved ones. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness, during a time of year that is going to be a little more challenging this year.

On the surface, Thanksgiving will certainly not look the same in 2020, but you still have the opportunity to create a memorable holiday. By combining new technology with old school methods this holiday season, you will still be able to bond with family and friends and have meaningful interactions!

Creative Ways to Safely “Attend” Thanksgiving