Connecting Attendees to Exhibitors, Education, and Content Through Matchmaking

Tailor a path for each attendee based on their online behavior

Have you ever been searching the web and a product or advertisement pops up for an item you were shopping for? Or maybe you were on your favorite music app and a few new songs are suggested to you in a playlist labeled “songs you may like”. We live in a world where recommendations are seamlessly made for us, even when we least expect it. All of this is done using Artificial Intelligence, or AI.

AI can match you with things that interest you, so why not take those same matchmaking ideologies and apply them to your event? With a hybrid event, you have the benefit of housing extensive data within a single platform. Think about it, you have attendee demographics, exhibitor content, and on-demand education, all within one platform and it can all be connected to the right user based on matchmaking capabilities. Here are a few ways matchmaking can enhance user experience during your event:

Create Valuable Connections with Organic Matchmaking

Attending an event, whether in-person or online, can be overwhelming for attendees. They see a long list of companies and do not even know where to begin when it comes to connecting with exhibitors that interest them. When attendees register for your event, have them select their interests, which can help match them to exhibitors. This is a great starting place in terms of matchmaking, but the real magic happens as they continue to search for exhibitors, and then organic matches can be made. Organic matchmaking is the process of making recommendations based on actual user behavior, along with the areas of interest they select when registering. For example, if an attendee views a showroom and clicks on a product called “event software”, matchmaking technology can show that attendee other exhibitors who offer similar products.

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Content Recommendations Based on Interests

Not only can attendees find desirable exhibitors, but they can gain access to content that is in line with their interests as well. When attendees visit suggested exhibitor showrooms, they can access all of that exhibitor’s content. Whether it is live demonstrations, press releases, or show specials, all of these things can be found by the attendee once the initial recommendation is made. As long as attendees create their own account or agenda planner within your online event, their data can be saved, and exhibitor recommendations can be made. They may not be receiving pop-ups on every page leading them in a different direction, but they can go to the “recommended for you” section within their planner and easily access exhibitors and sessions that are most relevant to their interests.

Create a Customized Education Path for Attendees

Education is one of the top reasons attendees come to your event. Within your event, there are various paths attendees can take in terms of education, and with matchmaking capabilities, these paths can be made intelligently. By allowing the option to match attendees to sessions, you are ensuring they receive an experience that is tailored specifically to them. A custom experience will mean that attendees leave your event feeling informed and knowing they got the most out of attending your event.

Technology has the capability of enhancing and streamlining the event experience for your attendees. Consider partnering with a company that offers matchmaking capabilities to create the optimal experience for your attendees.

Connecting Attendees to Exhibitors, Education, and Content Through Matchmaking