Account Managers — Who They Are and How They Can Help You

From the Desk of Blake Payne

MYS account managers were busy in 2021 helping to ensure our client events were successful. The momentum from last year has propelled our client services team into a bright first part of 2022.

Who are the MYS Account Managers?

Account managers make up our client services team and support event organizers at each stage — from onboarding to reporting after the event is complete. In addition, the team facilitates technical support to attendees and exhibitors, so event organizers can focus on their priorities.

The MYS account managers strive to:

  • Provide personalized and responsive customer service to our clients
  • Lead client teams through implementation, onboarding, and training stages
  • Properly train new clients how to use our software
  • Field incoming client requests in a timely manner
  • Help reach client goals for each event
  • Support clients onsite

How can our Account Managers help you in 2022?

Check out the following statistics from 2021 to see for yourself how our account management team has been hard at work assisting our clients.

Client tickets resolved:

  • 2021:  15,802
  • 2020:  13,114

First replies to client requests within one business day:

  • 93% compliance

Tickets solved in 2021:

  • 61% of tickets solved within 1 business day
  • 74% of tickets solved within 3 business days

Implementing new event management technology can seem daunting. Our software is user-friendly and easy to learn—but nothing replaces having a trusted resources to lean on when you have questions. Each MYS client receives a dedicated account manager to provide start-to-finish support for each event. Your account manager will be an expert in caring for your event. 

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Account Managers — Who They Are and How They Can Help You