Benefits of Outsourcing Your Show Sponsorship Sales

Increase sales and ROI by partnering with a team that specializes in sponsorship sales

As a show manager, you have a lot on your plate. With everything from selling booth space and creating an online directory, to planning show logistics and attracting attendees, you don’t have many resources left to dedicate to selling exhibitor sponsorships. What if your team didn’t sell your sponsorships but you were still able to increase revenue? Many companies offer the services of a specialized team that will sell your show sponsorships for you and will help produce measurable ROI for your event. Here are four reasons you may want to partner with an exhibitor engagement team:

Around the Clock Dedication to Selling Your Event

An exhibitor engagement team has one objective – to sell sponsorships for your events. The members of these teams are solely dedicated to reaching out to your exhibitors and informing them of opportunities and the effect increasing their exposure can have on their brand at your event. Day in and day out, these selling professionals are building personal connections that will increase your show’s total revenue.

Product Experts

Once you partner with a software platform to host your event, you may also have the option to utilize their sponsorship sales team, if available. Although these platforms are intuitive for you and your team, the exhibitor engagement team is the hero when explaining the front end to exhibitors. The team can offer valuable insight to your exhibitors about brand exposure and where else they can utilize sponsorship opportunities on the website.

An Extension of Your Team

Although these teams don’t work for your company, they are still completely dedicated to working as an extension of your own staff. No need to filter exhibitors through your in-house team. From the beginning of the show cycle, each exhibitor has the opportunity to be partnered with an exhibitor management team member who will assist them with all their sponsorship needs.

Integrate Sponsorship Sales During the Booth Sales Process

Do you offer an on-site booth sales opportunity to your exhibitors for the following show during your current event? If so, Exhibitor Engagement Teams are typically available to assist your staff in the on-site booth sales process, educating exhibitors on the benefits of upgrading their package. This gives team members the opportunity to meet your exhibitors face-to-face, answer any questions they may have, and review this year’s statistics with them to see if upgrading is an option.

At the end of the day, you and your team will benefit tremendously by partnering with these marketing professionals to assist in selling your sponsorships. As an extension of your team, an exhibitor engagement team can offer specialized skills to make your event as successful as possible.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Show Sponsorship Sales