Congratulations to Ben Dunlap on 25 years with GBM/MYS!

Ben Dunlap has been an asset and integral piece of the GBM/MYS family for 25 years. He began his career working on a MyShow Planner on CD for the IMTS Show and is now, of course, one of our Regional VP’s on the sales team. In celebration of Ben’s time at our company, we asked him a few questions about his first day, favorite memories and everything in between.

What was your first day on the job like?

I started at Gardner part time while I was still finishing my last couple of months at Xavier University.  As I remember I had a cold the first day I came in and almost fell asleep in my first training meeting. Oops. First impressions are everything!

What do you enjoy most about working MYS?

At the risk of sounding trite, it’s the people I work with. Sounds like a cop-out but it’s true. We have some great people here at MYS, very intelligent and innovative, but also a lot of fun at our weekly summer cookouts or, of course, at a happy hour. 

Why do you continue to work in this industry?

I have a degree in communications, so clearly, I like to talk and socialize.  This industry is all about that – getting people together face-to-face (minus current conditions) for business and collaboration.  And we get to work with so many different industries; seems like I’m always learning something new.

What is your greatest accomplishment with the company?

Normally just reaching 25 years at any place I think would be a huge accomplishment, but at Gardner/MYS it’s almost kind of common really.  To me my greatest accomplishment has to be when we signed on a new client a few years back, that Jerry Gildea and I had been talking to for years.  Right before the contract came in, the show was purchased and the overall investors in that purchase also happen to own our largest competitor.  We were still able to close the deal and they are currently an MYS Client.

What hobbies do you have outside of the office?

I’m a pretty competent DIY’er around our home and am always planning our next project. And I’m one hell of a BBQ’er

What is your favorite memory involving MYS?

I think the client dinner involving the exploding wine glass might have to be it.  An incredibly funny story but I cannot begin to tell it nearly as well as Don Kline does.

What has made you stay at GMB/MYS for 25 years?

It has to be the work/life balance that is so innovative everywhere these days but has been a part of our culture forever. And the opportunities to succeed that I have been given over the years.  I really do love working for MYS.  Enjoying what I do has made the 25 years go by in a flash.   

Thank you, Ben, for everything you’ve done for MYS in the past 25 years! We sincerely appreciate both your commitment to our company and vision for the event industry.

Congratulations to Ben Dunlap on 25 years with GBM/MYS!