5 Ways to Help Your Exhibitors Maximize ROI

A lot of factors will contribute to the success of your event in 2021, but one of the most important is the success of your exhibitors. Here are 5 ways to help your exhibitors maximize their investment as they prepare for the return of live events.

A substantial part of your event’s success in the upcoming year depends on the ROI your exhibitors achieve. You’ll want to ensure your exhibitors have all of the necessary tools to maximize their experience. As a result, attendees will see the value in participating to explore exhibitor content and to make connections. Here are some best practices you will want to share with your exhibitors while they are planning for your event, so they take full advantage of all you have to offer and leave the show feeling more successful than they ever thought possible:

1. Share what is included in the booth price with your exhibitors.

When making an important purchase, we all want to know what we’re getting with our hard-earned money and exhibiting at a trade show is no different. Our Customer Service and Exhibitor Engagement teams often get asked “What is included with my booth space?” and unfortunately as you know, it varies for every show. While some shows may include basic furniture or additional features in the price of the space, others choose to sell raw booth space. Being upfront about the costs will allow you to establish a strong relationship with your exhibitors from the beginning.

2. Remind your exhibitors to keep links and passwords used for planning their event in an accessible place.

While seasoned exhibitors might know where most event material is stored, it’s best for everyone to have all essential information in one easy-to-find place so they can refer to it as needed. This includes basic event information, service kit, links to the floor plan, directory information, links to the exhibitor dashboard, etc. Additionally, they will be overloaded with significant information to keep track of leading up to the event, so they will want to organize everything accordingly and save their passwords somewhere easily accessible.

3. Encourage them to take advantage of advertising and sponsorship options early.

Exclusive advertising and sponsorship opportunities sell out fast, so it is a great idea to remind your exhibitors to lock in those items as soon as they have reserved their booth space. The sooner they utilize the benefits of their online profile and advertising, the better their ROI. Attendees will be viewing online exhibitor information early to determine if your event is beneficial to them, and they will continue to visit their list of must-see exhibitors and products from the time they register until months after the event.

4. Communicate the importance of utilizing their exhibitor portal.

If your event management software platform provides access to an exhibitor dashboard, generally it houses action items exhibitors will need to complete leading up to the show. Some exhibitors are not aware of what this resource does for them, or they do not know how to access this tool. Since you’re paying for a full suite of products to make your event management experience an efficient one, it is in your best interest to share these tools with your exhibitors, make sure they are utilizing them, and make them easily accessible and visible on your event or association/company website.

5. Share appropriate contact/vendor information with your exhibitors.

Unfortunately, in the digital age, we’ve all become a little more aware of the authenticity of people contacting us in any manner; especially when it comes to our events, vendor services, etc. We’ve all received the generic spam emails urging us to respond for access to the attendee list for an event, (usually with one too many grammatical errors), but these emails should be viewed with caution. In order to prevent your exhibitors/attendees from being scammed by an unauthorized vendor, it’s crucial to share who the official vendors/partners are for your event, preferably in your exhibitor service kit, online, and any other location frequented by your exhibitors. They will appreciate knowing who is legitimate when they are receiving emails and phone calls from numerous people before, during, and after your event.

We know you and your exhibitors are busy planning for your best year yet, so sharing these tips will save them time and money, make them feel good about their ROI, and give them the assurance that your event is a great business investment for them. Whether this is their first or twentieth time exhibiting at your event, they will know you have their best interest in mind, and it will undoubtedly provide a trusting relationship for many years to come.

5 Ways to Help Your Exhibitors Maximize ROI