5 Similarities Between Halloween and Events

Halloween night is always so fun for kids and adults alike. The whole community comes together to celebrate by dressing up and giving out goodies. While thinking about how much fun we are going to have this year, Map Your Show started to consider all the similarities between Halloween and trade shows. Check out the funny, but true comparisons below.

  1. Dressing Up – For events you are expected to dress in your business casual attire. Similar to being expected to dress up in an elaborate costume for Halloween night.

  2. Treats – At events you already know there is going to be lots of SWAG at each booth, so you get your bag and fill it up with all the cool SWAG items businesses are offering, similar to trick-or-treating.

  3. Route Planning – When you were a kid and planned your trick-or-treating route, you chose the most efficient with the best candy results. At events, if you are using MYS mapping technology, you can be doing the same thing. Checking out the interactive floor plan for the best route possible for business relationships and SWAG.

  4. Making Connections – While walking around the show floor your goal is to network and make connections to form business relationships. Similar to walking around your neighborhood with your kids on Halloween but without the business aspect; more getting to know your neighbors in the same space.

  5. Sorting out your goodies – We all know that after a show is over all attendees go through all the SWAG, collateral, and business cards that have accumulated throughout the show to sort by matter of importance; the same thing happens when kids come home with their bag of Halloween candy.

All-in-all, Halloween and events have a lot of similarities. They are both exciting and exhausting, but we keep them going year after year because of how rewarding they are. To learn more about the MYS Platform visit www.mapyourshow.com or schedule a demo with our sales team today!

5 Similarities Between Halloween and Events