5 Reasons to Go Hybrid: Event Strategies for 2021 and Beyond

Almost three quarters of event planners (71%) aim to continue employing a digital strategy to maintain their virtual audience once they return to physical events1.


Since 73% of planners have been able to successfully pivot their event to virtual1, it is important to consider that the switch back to in-person events might not be a simple one. From accessing exhibitor profiles and networking through chat online, to being able to live-stream webinars and sessions, the day-by-day schedule for attendees could differ. With Hybrid, attendees walking the show floor will still be able to access online resources and the attendees who wish to attend from the comfort of their home will be able to do so.


Even if you plan to house webinars and keynote speakers on your event page after they have been live-streamed, it is important to have a set schedule that in-person attendees can refer to so they can plan their day in advance. With 66.5% of eventprofs planning to use hybrid as their go-to format once in-person events resume1, trade show attendees are going to expect accessibility options.


Networking is the backbone of the events industry. Giving attendees the option to connect in-person and online will increase engagement, awarding them valuable connections with the click of a button. There is still reluctance with meeting in-person; 30% of planners wouldn’t attend in-person meetings under any circumstances, and an additional 32.7% would attend only if the meetings were both small and local. A mere 14% have no qualms whatsoever1. Moving back to in-person events will require hybrid capabilities to enable exhibitors and attendees to connect live.


With safety regulations changing daily, a hybrid event is ideal. Moving forward with in-person events, safety continues to be the number one issue for event planners. 55% cited safety concerns as the biggest obstacle to hosting live events1. Offering both in-person and virtual components allows your attendees to take advantage of the benefits your event has to offer in the way they are most comfortable with.


Having a hybrid event accommodates your entire audience. Most eventprofs believe that in-person events will return in the second half of 2021 — 30% are betting on Q3, while 27.5% believe they'll return in Q21. Chances are, the software to bring your event 100% online has already been implemented, making it seamless to repurpose your data for a hybrid event.

In 2019, 39% of event professionals agree that ‘engaging attendees’ is the most crucial element of a live event1.

Pre-pandemic event managers were the most concerned with audience engagement; that did not change throughout 2020 and will remain the main reason why the event industry will thrive in 2021 and beyond. Audience engagement is what makes events successful and catering to your audience in the way they are most comfortable is key moving forward. If you are interested in implementing MYS software to be sure your hybrid event goes off without a hitch, contact us here.


5 Reasons to Go Hybrid: Event Strategies for 2021 and Beyond