4 Tips to Turn Your Traditional Event into an Engaging Digital Experience

How technology can enhance your event and improve the outcome

The future of shows is destined to incorporate technology, whether you are going virtual, taking a hybrid approach, or just wanting to enhance your in-person event. You may be asking yourself, “What can I do to engage my attendees digitally?”. Technology has opened the door to new ways of communication, but it is constantly changing. Do not let the idea of new media outlets overwhelm you. Take a look at these tips on things you can do as a show manager to enhance your event’s digital experience.

  1. Create Interactive Content

People are far more responsive to interactive content versus your usual one-page document. As technology has advanced, reading a standard email or sending traditional snail-mail is in the past. Using interactive content with more visuals including infographics, videos/webinars, and clickable content will keep your attendees engaged and informed. The main goal when creating content is to stimulate your audiences’ brain so they will consistently look and listen. Get creative with your communication and your attendees will continue to dig into your resources!

  1. Communicate and Connect Through Social

Social media is a powerful tool that can and should be used throughout all stages of your event. Provide important information and resources prior to the event so your attendees are primed and know what to expect. Schedule updates throughout the show in real time to increase engagement and make important information easy to access for your attendees. The best way to keep your attendees engaged is to keep them informed and interested.

  1. Use Data to Enhance the Experience

Offering all or part of your event online gives you the ability to capture big data. Identifying trends will help you fill in some of the gaps allowing you to take measures to improve the overall outcome of future events. By viewing statistics such as click rates, bounce rates and session durations within your show management dashboard, you gain valuable insight on what attendees are finding most helpful and which aspects of your digital experience could use a little TLC. Strategy driven by data is key to creating valuable experiences.

  1. Allow Attendees to Build Their Ideal Experience

Not every attendee has the same objectives when they decide to attend an event. Giving them the tools to plan for their time on-site or virtually can offer a customized experience and help them get the most out of their attendance. This can also give show management valuable insight into a customer’s journey from start to finish. Consider offering an agenda planning tool so they can add sessions, exhibitors, favorite products and other resources directly to their personal planner account. The planner should consolidate the entire show so they can easily keep track of their experiences and connections in an organized fashion. No more misplacing business cards! And long after the event is over, attendees can use the planner as a reference of companies and products they expressed interest in. Attendees will be able to evaluate their show experience in the palm of their hand.

Keep your current attendees committed and coming back and widen your reach by considering these enhancements for your event. The opportunities to engage your attendees while gaining valuable insights are endless with a hybrid experience, as long as you have access to the right tools.

4 Tips to Turn Your Traditional Event into an Engaging Digital Experience